...to Herman’s Restaurant and Entertainment, located in the lovely town of Falkenberg. For more than 20 years the restaurant went under a different name, Harrys. However, in December 2014 the decision was made to exit the franchise and offer something new, contemporary, something better. This then resulting in a new, more locally oriented concept, focusing on great food, warmth and fun of course! On Friday January 30th 2015 the doors open to Herman’s Restaurant and Entertainment!

The name "Herman’s" actually originates from an old discotheque in Falkenberg called Club Herman, which was open in the 70s and 80s. One late Friday night, a woman, while dancing on Harrys dance floor, shouted to one of Herman’s Restaurants owners, "It's just as much fun as it used to be at old Club Herman". The name was reborn and taken into the 21st century!

While creating Hermans Restaurant and Entertainment we used the learnings and best experiences from our past and combined these with the best ideas for the future! We are proud "Falkenbergare" and want the flavors from our district enrich our menus. The aim for Herman’s Restaurant is to give the guest the best possible experience, this by combining great food and service, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere!

And in the restaurant you will find our menus in English!

opening time:

We are open all week!

Monday from 5 pm

Tuesday from 5 pm

Wednesday from 5 pm

Thursday from 5 pm

Friday from 4 pm

Saturday from 12 pm

Sunday from 1 pm

 Most welcome to Herman’s Restaurant and Entertainment,

where giving the guest the best possible experience is an absolute focus!

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